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How long does a spray tan last?

Our spray tan product is designed to tan the outer layer of your skin, which naturally exfoliates at different rates. The longevity of your tan can vary depending on the frequency of showering, sweating, and exfoliating. Typically, with proper care, a spray tan can last anywhere from 5-10 days. 

How long does an appointment take?

We strive to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for all of our clients. The actual spray tanning process usually takes only a few minutes, but you should allow around 30 minutes for your appointment to account for preparation and drying time.

How should I prepare for a spray tan?

Please see a detailed Before and After Care instructions to ensure the best results from your spray tan. We recommend that you follow these instructions to prepare your skin adequately before your appointment.

How should I care for my spray tan?

Caring for your spray tan is crucial. By following aftercare instructions provided, you can help to ensure that your spray tan lasts as long as possible and looks even and natural.

Will my spray tan rub off on my clothes?

Our spray tan products contain a temporary bronzer that rinses off after the recommended time. The bronzer may transfer to your clothing before you rinse it off. Therefore, we advise that you wear loose and dark clothing to your appointment.

What should I wear for my appointment?

We recommend wearing loose and dark clothing, preferably cotton. Avoid tight jeans and leggings that can rub off your tan.

Will I turn orange after a spray tan?

Our spray tanning technicians use high-quality tanning solutions and advanced techniques to ensure that you achieve a natural-looking and radiant glow.

Can I shave or wax before or after my spray tan?

We advise clients to shave or wax at least 24 hours before their appointment. After the spray tan, you should wait at least 8 hours before shaving or waxing.

Do you offer mobile spray tan services?

Yes. For those with busy schedules, our mobile service allows you to receive the same high-quality spray tan in the comfort of your own home or office. Our experienced technicians will provide a swift and professional service leaving you with a sun-kissed glow that enhances your natural beauty. 

Can you fix my tan lines?

We can help reduce the appearance of tan lines. However, it is important to note that spray tanning only tans the outer layer of the skin and is not a cover-up.

Can you spray tan over tattoos?

Yes, we can spray tan over tattoos. If your tattoo is still healing, we recommend bringing Vaseline or a similar product to cover the fresh tattoo.

I have eczema (or another skin condition), can I still get a spray tan?

Our certified organic solutions are gentle and safe for most skin conditions, including eczema. If you have specific concerns, please contact us or consult with you with your dermatologist or healthcare provider.

Can I get a spray tan if I'm pregnant?

We have pregnant clients, and we have even received referrals from doctors. While there is no definitive evidence that spray tanning is harmful during pregnancy, please consult with your healthcare provider before getting a spray tan while pregnant.

Can I still tan in the sun after a spray tan?

While you can still tan in the sun after a spray tan, it's important to remember that the spray tan does not provide any protection from the sun's harmful rays. You should always wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

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