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Skin Type I

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You have the type of skin that always burns but never tans.


*Your skin is very pale and your skin shade is typically ivory or porcelain. 


*You always burn in the sun and your skin may have a naturally reddish undertone.


*Your eyes are mostly likely blue, grey or green and your hair is probably blonde or red. 


*It is recommended that you wear a minimum SPF50+ every day.


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The Fitzpatrick scale​

Skin Type II

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You have a fair or cream-toned complexion with subtle beige undertones.

*Your eye and hair color may fall anywhere between light and dark. 

*You may also have freckles.

*While you may burn in the sun, you may tan on occasion.

*It is recommended that you wear a minimum SPF50+ every day.

Skin Type III


You have a skin tone that is often described as golden or honey-hued. 

*People with olive coloring can also fit this skin type.

*You tend to tan easily but can burn with excessive sun exposure.

*It is recommended that you wear a minimum SPF50+ every day.

Skin Type IV


Your skin is a lovely caramel tone. 

You naturally tan and rarely burn. 

*You are most likely to have dark hair and eyes that fall anywhere between hazel to ebony.

*It is recommended that you wear a minimum SPF30+ every day.

Skin Type V


Your skin tone will range from a radiant bronze to rich brown or espresso.

*Both your eyes and hair are naturally dark.

*You very rarely burn in the sun.

*It is recommended that you wear a minimum SPF30+ when outside.

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COOL undertones

Has pink, red, or bluish undertone. People with this undertone easily get red under the sun, burn easily, and tan very little.

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NEUTRAL undertones

Roughly the same color as your actual skin tone. Neutral undertone has a combination of warm and cool undertones.  People with this undertone burn and then tan.

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WARM undertones

Has yellow and gold undertone. People with this undertone tan easily and do not burn.

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OLIVE undertones

Warm undertone, has like a peach, apricot, or light orange tone, or a cool tone like blue or pink. Olive skin tones can be lighter or darker and are prone to tanning easily under the sun. This skin type rarely burns .

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