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Covid-19 Health Declaration + Consent Form

How are you feeling today?

Are you allergic to adhesive tapes, glue, and gel pad used for Eyelash extension?
Are you pregnant or currently brestfeeding?
Are you currently under medication for chemotherapy may cause a reaction to the materials used for eyelash extensions?
Have you received Lasik eye surgery in the past 4 months?
Did you have Blepharoplasty in the past 6 months?
Are you currently wearing contact lenses? Contact lens can cause coreal abrasion or scratching. Contact lenses must be removed prior to the service
Are you 18 or above years old?



I understand that the eyelash extensions will be applied to the natural lash as determined by the technician so as not to create excessive weight on the natural eyelash thereby preserving the health, growth and natural look of the client's natural eyelashes.

I understand as part of the procedure eye irritation, eye pain, eye itching, discomfort and in rare cases eye infection may occur

I understand and agree that if experience any of these issues with my lashes that I will contact my technician and have eyelashes removed immediately and consult a physician at my own expense.

I understand that even though the technician may apply and remove the eyelashes properly, that adhesive materials may become dislodged during or after the procedure, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow up care.

I understand and agree to follow the aftercare instructions provided by my technician. Failure to follow the aftercare instructions can cause the eyelash extension to fall out.

I understand that in order to have the eyelash extensions applied to my eyelashes I will need to keep my eyes closes for duration of 60-100 minutes during procedures. I also understand that I will need to be lying in a reclined position. Any medical condition that might be aggravated by lying still for a prolonged period of time may mean I will not be able to have the procedure performed on my eyes.



By providing your initials and click submit you understand and agree with the terms set above starting from this visit to all future visits receiving procedures conducted by our technicians.

Thanks for submitting!

Appointment Rules

  • Please arrive to the appointment with no mascara or eyeliner. There is a $30 cleaning fee if our lash stylists will be removing eye makeup. We have all of the necessary supplies here to take it off . Arrive a few minutes before the appointment to take off mascara/eyeliner.

  • Pets are welcome if they are in the carrier. Animals are not allowed on the treatment table at any time for your safety. 

  • Avoid drinking coffee at least 3 hours before your appointment. Caffeine makes your eyes twitch and it makes it difficult to place extensions on natural lashes.

  • Please silence your phone and allow yourself to have a relaxing experience

  • We guarantee your satisfaction and offer a Complimentary Fix within the first 7 days if:​

               1) you are not happy with the style, length or look of your eyelash extensions

               2) If your extensions start shedding excessively and you have less than 80% of extensions within the  first few days after application


    Please note that we will do a complimentary fix only within the first 7 days after the initial application.  No exceptions will be made. 

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